Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Summer Schedule, a review.

So, many of our people are rightfully confused by the timeline of our summer plans. So, when we went to Colorado last week, many thought we were there to stay. But no! Here is how it breaks down:

June: We went to Colorado on our "honeymoon" and camped for 9 days at the Telluride Bluegrass festival. We then returned to Boston to pack our belongings get ready for the big trip.

Movers arrive to June 30th to take away the majority of our belongings. They will be storing all of the stuff until October, and then dropping it at our new place in Denver (address TBD)

July, August, September: We will be driving around the country, camping and visiting with friends. Check back for our "2010 Summer Tour Schedule" to see if the Maigles are coming your way.

October: After a quick trip to Bogota, Colombia, we will finally be settling in Denver. Tom's first day is October 18th and I will be looking for a job as soon as I get there.

See, that's not so confusing, is it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey, it's Tom. This is my first blogpost and I feel kind of dirty, but here goes. I got to Denver late last night after some weather delays and Cara picked me up at about 1 am. She almost didn't make it because of construction detours and a hailstorm. I have to be honest...I didn't believe that getting to the airport could have been that stressful, but she was right. The weather was terrible and we had to take an insane detour to get to our hotel. So after about 4 hours of sleep we are getting ready to hit the road and drive 6.5 hours to Telluride. I guess I should volunteer to drive since Cara just drove the last 2000 miles. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts from the land of bluegrass!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yard Sale Extravaganza!

Oh yard sale, how I love thee. I get to sit all day and watch people look through my things, and then devalue them by haggling them down to practically free. Some of our favorite quotes from the day:

"You got any good junk?" (as yelled out the window by a guy who wouldn't get out of the car)
"You don't really have a lot of stuff, you know."
"Can I just have this?"
"This is beautiful! I'll give you a dollar."
"Oh, I'm so glad we came!" (said repeatedly by the cutest old lady on the planet, even as she was being helped back into the car and then out the window as she was driven away)

Most people were very kind, and gave us well wishes for our trip. And we made just enough to treat ourselves to a sub sandwich for dinner. :)