Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yard Sale Extravaganza!

Oh yard sale, how I love thee. I get to sit all day and watch people look through my things, and then devalue them by haggling them down to practically free. Some of our favorite quotes from the day:

"You got any good junk?" (as yelled out the window by a guy who wouldn't get out of the car)
"You don't really have a lot of stuff, you know."
"Can I just have this?"
"This is beautiful! I'll give you a dollar."
"Oh, I'm so glad we came!" (said repeatedly by the cutest old lady on the planet, even as she was being helped back into the car and then out the window as she was driven away)

Most people were very kind, and gave us well wishes for our trip. And we made just enough to treat ourselves to a sub sandwich for dinner. :)

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