Sunday, July 18, 2010

New York City – "The Houses Behind You Are Very Tall"

We headed into the city for a long weekend with the intention of seeing three different people. Sadly, due to scheduling conflicts, we saw none of them. Fortunately, we are a power couple of fun and managed to keep ourselves busy. No, we didn’t spend the entire time in breweries (too expensive!) but we did find some good beer (see picture of me with four, count them, four mugs), good food (see picture of my baked ziti pizza slice), and good times (see me with adorable husband). Highlight: getting our picture taken in front of the buildings lining Central Park. The man who took the picture was a Swede who said to us, “I can’t get all the houses behind you, the houses are very tall.” Yes, those houses are very tall indeed.

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  1. Just look at that HUGE purse lying on the ground in central park...I can see it being a perfect container for straws, silverware, salt and pepper shakers, what ever your fancy may be!!! Counting on you Tom, please do not let me down!