Friday, July 30, 2010

Washington, D.C. – Monument Valley (the man-made one!)

Not our first time to the nation’s capital, but definitely the best one. We stayed with Cara’s aunt and uncle Rick and Julie in Silver Spring, MD. They took a couple of days off work to show us around the city and we packed it in. We saw the “Charters of Freedom” documents including the declaration of independence, bill of rights, constitution, etc. We also spent time in:
  • the museum of art (Yay Jackson Pollock!)
  • botanical gardens (Yay rare orchids!)

  • amercian indian museum (Yay, Brian Jungen!)

  • holocaust museum (no yay here, very very sad)

  • Arlington national cemetery (Yay changing of the guard!)

  • the capital building (Yay statues and paintings, oh my!)

Phew! Rick and Julie also treated us to a moonlight trolley tour of the monuments. We narrowly avoided getting struck by lightning next to the Jefferson memorial, but the storm cleared and distant lightning lit up the city. Thanks Rick, Julie, and DC!

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