Monday, August 2, 2010

Virginia/West Virginia – A Via Ferrata say what?

Most of you know that I worked for an Adventure Education company in Massachusetts. A co-worker from that company has recently relocated with his family to Virginia. The timing was right and we were able to stay with them and reap the benefits of his new adventure-based job. He manages, among other things, and attraction in West Virginia called a Via Ferrata. If you are like me, you have no idea what this is. Turns out, it’s a “pee-your-pants” rock climbing adventure that was invented in Italy. Climbing holds are permanently fixed to rock faces, and you have the pleasure of vertical climbing without the usual danger since you are clipped in and don’t have to find cracks in the rock to help you along.

Tom handled it beautifully (surprise surprise!) and I used almost every profane word I know, but we both finished with some incredible views, pictures, and memories. Our guide was very kind to tell me I had “skills” which I am pretty sure she says to everyone that needs a little mental push up the rock. Thanks so much to my co-worker Wayne for setting this up—check out the amazing pictures!

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