Friday, August 6, 2010

Cedarburg and Green Bay – Good times in the Dairy State

One of the best parts of this trip is having the opportunity to spend time with my extended family in their “natural habitat”. I usually see them in hotels or at Grandma’s house for holidays and birthdays, and there is never enough time to really catch up with each other. Our journey had already led us to Washington D.C. to see my mother’s brother, and now we were off to Cedarburg, WI to visit my mother’s younger sister. If you ever want to see an example of an idyllic Midwestern town, go to Cedarburg, WI. If you ever want to experience the best of Midwestern hospitality, go to my Aunt Patti’s house.

After arriving in Cedarburg, we were treated to an evening of flood and tornado warnings, including town sirens, crazy lighting, and record setting rain. Strangely, that was not nearly as frightening as my Uncle Rick trying heat up pizza in the oven. Fortunately, we survived and the next day we were whisked away to Door County, where my aunt and uncle have a house on Lake Michigan. We were the benefactors of a little family competition – the word had spread about what good hosts my D.C. uncle and aunt were, so it was “on” as they say. We played horseshoes, went waterskiing/tubing/swimming, drank a variety of craft brews and mixed drinks, ate fresh corn and grilled meat, and sat under the stars while Tom and Rick tried to show the neighbors how to put on a proper fireworks display. My cousin and Grandma were also there with us, so it was just heavenly! Alas, the trip was short, but very sweet and it was hard to get back on the road after such a nice time.

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  1. Nice shirt Tom! I'll have to get you one of the new ones. So enjoy reading about your travels; looking forward to seeing you two in a few days! Love you both - travel safe.