Monday, August 23, 2010

Glaciers, or lack thereof...

Let the mountains begin! After a rousing night of beer and entertainment in Belt we headed up into Glacier National Park in northern Montana. The main park campgrounds were full so we camped off the beaten path in a "primitive" campsite along a creek. It was a beautiful spot so we hiked upvalley and enjoyed a starry night. The next day we hiked a relatively flat 10 miles up into a valley to a waterfall, then drove up to Roger's Pass.
After one more night in Glacier we drove up into the great white north of Alberta, Canada. Being summertime we didn't see any snow, but stopped at Waterton Lakes National Park then drove up into Calgary for dinner. It was a Sunday night so not much was happening in Calgary, but we ate well and camped in the truck outside town. Next stop -- Banff. No, that was not a sneeze, it's the name of a park. :)

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