Monday, August 2, 2010

Milwaukee – A day among American Idol Rejects

How tragic that we ended up in Milwaukee the day that literally thousands of young hopefuls were denied their dream of making it onto American Idol. We didn’t know that try-outs were taking place down the street, but the long faces we encountered tipped us off. We briefly spoke with a mother and daughter who had come all the way from California – this was the third year of rejection for the daughter. At another place, the waiter told us that he served a family where all three kids had tried out and didn’t get in. Alas, the American Dream is a rough road, Kiddies.
But, despite other people’s palpable sorrow, we had a wonderful day! Had good beer, food, and then won a raffle to get cheap tickets to see Wicked. Second row for $25 bucks, baby! Just a day spent in this adorable city before heading north to see family, but definitely worth mentioning.

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