Friday, August 20, 2010

Belt Montana -- Did That Seriously Just Happen?

Montana is a big state. We treated the old truck to an oil change in Billings and were heading to Glacier National Park through Great Falls. We probably could have made it in one day but we saw a sign on the side of the road in Belt that said "Belt Brewery, next right." Who needs a better reason than that to stop at a brewery? This place was authentic old west. Dark, empty, and chock full of road signs and beer mirrors as wall decorations (sorry, no pictures of the inside of the bar). Glacier NP could wait until tomorrow. We saddled up to the bar, ordered a beer and learned that an acting troupe was coming that night to perform "1959 Pink Thunderbird." They were from Great Falls (the "big city").

Since Belt, MT was the last place in the world we expected to see a play we decided to stay. And we were the only ones. Three actors, three crew members and us! Even the bartender spent most of the time outside smoking cigarettes. The play was great...about a Vietnam Vet adjusting to life back home on the farm. Que the dopey brother and nervous friend and you've got a story. We loved it -- and the actors seemed quite grateful to have an audience, even if it was just the two of us. Talk about a random experience! After a few beers and some entertainment we spent the night in our truck on a dirt road just outside of town.

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  1. That's hysterical! I'm loving your blog - makes me giggle every time. :) As it happens, we may be in Tucson at the same time as you! Or...we may just miss each other. Will let you know more when I have a better idea. Smooches!