Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snakes are People Too (Who do Number 2's)

Lovely time spent at Matt’s in Harrisburg, but it was time for us to hit the open road. We headed south to Gettysburg, PA but stopped a little north to camp at a lovely little place called Calendria State Park. Some old guy made iron there in the woods before the civil war until those foolhardy soldiers burnt everything down. Dumbies. Anyway, it was a magical evening of lightning bugs and our first night in the tent. In the morning, we were sitting at the picnic table enjoying some coffee and the sounds of the morning birds. Then, strangely, out of the sounds of nature came another familiar sound. This sound is typically only heard when one is alone and has perhaps recently had a fried burrito. Tom and I were stopped short in our conversation, but the noise did not continue and we were left to guess if a bird or large squirrel had gotten into another camper’s supply of Cheetos. Then, about a minute later, Tom spied a movement in the grass near where the sound had come from. Lo and Behold, there was an ENORMOUS black snake not 15 feet away from us, slithering slowly along the outskirts of our campsite. We observed it for some time, with Tom taking pictures and me running after breathing, “holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, did you see that thing!?” All in all, it was somewhat uneventful, as the snake was pretty sluggish, but he certainly bestowed a gift of diarrhea at our camp and a laugh in my belly for the rest of the day.

(That thing was six feet long!)

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  1. Only you two would discover a pooping snake in the woods! Happy journey!